Article written by Cynthia Ward

I am a truth-teller. It gets me in trouble. But if you ask me if a dress makes you look fat, I will tell so, and help select another, before you go on television and realize it for yourself. My real friends are expected to be truthful with me as well. A secret shared will be taken to my grave, but lie to me, and it will end up here...on these pages... especially if you are tasked with the stewardship of public resources. I am a registered Republican who disdains the local GOP power structure, a born-again Christian who supports everyone's right to spend their lives with the partner of their choosing. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister. I am a loyal friend to those who merit that friendship and when crossed I am a bitch with a capital C. I do not fit into a box, nor do I see others through the stereotypes that politics and public affairs so often tries to shoehorn us into. I think for myself, and so do you. Welcome to our shared space in this world.

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  1. Save Anaheim Blog reports Anaheim GardenWalk deal is busted for now | OC Politics Blog

    [...] to take care of his “mentor” Pringle (and SOAR and Disney) before his constituents.  Anaheim blogger Cynthia Ward can also be counted on to stay on top of the [...]

  2. What next, with the kibbosh on Anaheim’s GardenWalk Giveaway? | Orange Juice

    [...] Save Anaheim’s Jason broke the news yesterday, but when is a blogger ever given credit?  [Answer: never.]  In short order, our three mainstream outlets were trumpeting the story, Art Pedroza was holding forth, and Matt Cunningham was out with his corporate-shill spin (which we won’t link to here, but we’ll quote from below.)  Unsurprisingly, the piece to read if you read only one is Cynthia Ward‘s “Activists Win One For the Public in GardenWalk Lawsuit.” [...]

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